Sunday, September 30, 2012

The city of Bath

This is the countryside we drove through on our way from Salisbury to Bath!

More countryside!

You can see some rolling hills in the background. 

The Roman Baths! The United Kingdom was originally part of the Roman Empire. Because of this, many remains from ancient Roman times have been discovered. The Roman baths are one of these remains that have been discovered in the city of Bath. Romans used to travel here from all over the world to have a bath in the hot spring waters, pray in the temple, exercise, receive massages, and socialize.  

Abbey in Bath near the Roman Baths. 

This street is called "Circus." These rounded buildings go all the way around the circular street. The diameter of the street and the buildings on it is the exact same diameter as Stonehenge. 

The city of Bath sits at the bottom of a bowl, surrounded by large hills and countryside. If you look through the trees, you can see the large hills that surround the city!

More beautiful countryside!

This is water right from the hot springs of Bath! It's clean enough to drink, so I tried it. I don't recommend drinking it! Delicious sulfur!

another view of Circus Street. 

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