Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Globe, Adventures around London, and the Olympics!

Inside the Globe Theatre!

Outside of the Globe Theatre after the show!

Marble Arch, near Hyde Park 

Hyde Park! I will be running here for sure!

After my friends and I had been lounging on these chairs by the River for a casual 20 minutes we were accosted by someone telling us it costs 1 pound 50 to sit in them per hour. Opps! 

I thought the swan was really cool, something you don't see everyday in the states!

Picture of me by the river (p.s. I was ROASTING in this outfit. So glad London is experiencing an Indian summer since I packed all winter clothes.)

I absolutely love all of the beautiful architecture around London!


These flags are up and go for miles! Representing every country here for the Olympic Games


This was so incredible. There was not a single bad seat in the entire stadium!

The one in the lead is Oscar Pistorius! The roar from the crowd was absolutely brilliant (as the Brits would say)! I've never heard anything like it in my life. 

There's Oscar Pistorius doing his victory lap! GOLD!

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