Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hampton Court Palace

This afternoon, we went to Hampton Court Palace - home to King Henry VIII! It was absolutely beautiful, and so exciting for a history buff like me! We saw the kitchens, bedrooms, gardens, entertaining rooms, dining rooms, and everything else inside the palace grounds! This is my first time ever seeing a place like this in real life, so I was thrilled the whole time! Below I have posted pictures from the day and descriptions along with them!! 
Waterway walking into Hampton Court Palace

View of the Palace

Me and Bennie! Yes, he is wearing a Colts a Palace! 

gardens inside the palace walls

me in the gardens!

Very medieval looking palace...

Stoves from hundreds of years ago! The fire burns in the coves on the ground and heats up the surface above! 

Dining room for all the servants of the palace. 

Elaborately decorated ceilings throughout the palace. 

Fireplace and artwork above

Beautiful gardens! This was the view from  Mary II's drawing room.

Love the engravings on the mantlepiece.

Mary II's bed! Very elaborate, and the spoon-looking object is how they used to head the beds in the winter! They placed hot coal in the spoon thing and put it under the covers at the end of the bed.

Bath tub! Try getting clean in that...

Dining room. I especially loved the china

The Great Fountain Garden. 

Pond and fountain in the gardens. 

Hampton Court Palace from across the garden. 

Small stream that goes along the palace grounds. 

The Knot Garden

This side of the palace was built after the rest of the palace. It has a more baroque-style rather than medieval. I like this better, it's much prettier!

The pond gardens. So pretty!

gorgeous! Love the flower colors

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