Sunday, September 16, 2012

Borough Food Market

This weekend has been JAM PACKED with fun things! I am exhausted and have a hefty amount of reading to do this evening, but I'm so excited about all the cool things I did on my second weekend here! Below I have posted some photos with descriptions! Enjoy!!

Bennett and I attempted to go to Notting Hill! We actually ended up in Kensington and Chelsea, but it was a solid effort! Stay tuned for when we actually bring a map and make it to Notting Hill :)

Beautiful Kensington, a quiet residential area of London. 

Borough a Farmer's Market on steroids!! This is one of many sweets vendors!

Meringue....who knew!

Seriously, London. I'm going to weigh a thousand pounds by the time I leave!

So many bakers!


Juice Bar. I got a Pear Apple Mint juice and it was amazing!!

Fresh produce. I will be going my grocery shopping here next weekend!

ATTENTION: BEST THING I'VE EATEN SO FAR = Cheesy potatoes from Borough Market.
Step 1: Put a giant cheese wheel into a broiler

Step 2: Let the cheese broil until it's bubbly...

Step 3: Scrape the melted cheese from the cheese wheel onto the potatoes!!!


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