Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Week at a Glance!

I apologize for the lack of blogging this week! I've been very busy with school, travel planning, and of course bopping around London! I'm going to give you a brief rundown of my week, and then stay tuned for entries about my weekend! I am going to Stonehenge, Bath, and Salisbury! It's a trip with a lot of people from my program (one of the organized "field trips") so it should be great fun! Bath is supposed to be amazing by day AND has an awesome night life, so hopefully I'll have some fun pictures and stories!!

Okay, so here's this week at a glance:

Monday: I, along with my English class, retraced the steps of Mrs. Dalloway's walk to the flower shop and back in Virginia Woolf's novel. I was very excited for this walk, and it would have been absolutely delightful had it not been pouring with rain! It was an actual monsoon, to the point that my umbrella ripped in half during a gust of wind! Needless to say, an hour into the walk I was drenched from head to toe, and my entire class was miserable. Thankfully, my professor was nice enough to recognize that we were all miserable (she was miserable as well), and the walk ended quite early. After that I headed home, made myself a hot cup of English Breakfast tea and got back in bed!

Tuesday: Not much happened today, other than I had my gym induction at my apartment complex. I'll post pictures soon, but the gym is on the 33rd floor of my building, and you can see all of London from up there. It's absolutely beautiful and quite breathtaking to work out with a view like that. And, the treadmills are pretty legit so that's always a plus!

Wednesday: Today I had my first course at Queen Mary (an actual London university)! The course, or "module" as they call them here, is a freshmen-level course which is awkward since the freshmen here are roughly 17 years of age and I am 22. Regardless, the professor was really great and I am excited to learn about Environmental Issues in the UK, as my environmental knowledge pertains solely to the United States. What is more awkward, however, is that Queen Mary is a tiny school and everyone in my module knew each other and had groups of friends. I am only taking this one course at Queen Mary and am therefore not "in" with the students. Consequentially I sat alone next to an Indian teen who clearly did not know how to speak much English. Should be an interesting semester!

Thursday: Today, my British Youth Culture class discussed the Fashion industry and when it took off in London. It was awesome getting to learn about designers like Mary Quant, Coco Chanel, and Vivienne Westwood! After sitting through that class my friend Annabelle and I had a massive urge to shop, so we made our way to Primark - the cheap fashion mecca of London! The deal is, you can find the same stuff here as you would at Herrod's or Sulfrages (their large department stores), but it's only for a couple pounds! Absolutely brilliant! I had quite the shopping spree and am not one bit sorry about it! I now have a few more "Londoner" clothes and am very excited to wear all of my purchases!

Tomorrow: Tomorrow Bennett and I are going on our usual Friday trip to Burrough Market! We'll probably walk around, try some free samples and grab lunch before we head to Herrods! After gawking at all the designer clothes that cost amounts comparable to my college tuition, I am taking Bennett to Primark to see the magic for himself! Should be interesting...I wonder if he'll go on as much of a spree as I did? :)

Saturday morning we leave for Stonehenge at 8:30 am, then we stay the night in Bath at a very nice-looking hostel (double rooms, much nicer than a 20-person dorm!), and finish Sunday off at Salisbury before heading home. I will definitely post some great photos from this trip so look forward to that after the weekend! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone!! Love and miss you!

p.s. I found 70 pounds in my carry-on bag!!!! I hid it for the trip here and obviously did a great job because I didn't find it until now! Can you say WINNING LONDON???

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