Friday, September 7, 2012

I am up so late tonight! But it's not because I can't sleep, or because of jet's because I was hanging out with some people from my program! I am so pleasantly surprised by how nice and outgoing everyone has been. It is such a pleasure to be able to hang out and experience a new culture and city with a diverse group of students who are all so kind and genuine. I have not met a single person in my program who isn't eager to meet me and excited to learn all about where I'm from, why I'm here, etc. I hope I am giving the same vibe to them, but I am extremely grateful for all these wonderful people on my trip! It is making the adjustment so much easier, to know that I have a support system made up of people I met only a few days ago. 

Today was a really fun day! We finished up orientation and went to see As You Like it at the Globe Theater! I will post pictures tomorrow (when it's not almost 3 am), so stay tuned for that! I was a little surprised by how small the theater actually is, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider the time the Globe was in its prime. As I stood there watching the show (yes, our tickets were standing room the peasants of Shakespeare's time) I kept looking around me thinking, "William Shakespeare, my hero and the basis of so much we understand today, once stood in this very place." It was quite the experience for my English major soul, and even more so for those students in my program studying theater! It was so unbelievable to see a Shakespeare play just as it was meant, at the Globe Theatre. That being said, boy did my feet KILL after the 45 minute walk, 3 hours standing at the play, and 45 minute walk home. Let's just say I'll be travelling via tube tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going around London with a few girls shopping (I've already spotted some British fashion must-haves) and then going to the Paralympic games! I'm very excited to see Olympic park and experience the atmosphere for myself. Tomorrow night I will definitely post pictures from both today's events and the Olympic Park, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading this blog update! I can't believe it's only my third day here, and I've already done/seen so much! And my British accent is coming along GREAT! haha :) 

Love and miss you all! XOXO from London :)

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