Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Last Few Weeks in Pictures!!

I know it's been a while...I've been so busy with family visits, day trips, and papers that I've hardly had time to even think about blogging! Here is a glimpse of what I've been up to the past few weeks...a day trip to Brighton, some London Christmas cheer, Thanksgiving in London, and a few throwbacks to previous events :) Stay tuned though...with a trip to Rome this weekend and my last 2 weeks in London, there's sure to be a surplus of photos and fun coming just around the corner!! I promise to blog more often! Cheers!!
Brighton, standing on the pier!
Nice view of Brighton 

Annabelle and I seaside! Enjoying the scenery and the sun!

Fish n' Chips is good.

Where else, but Scotland!

Delicious salad I made myself.

Shakespeare's grave! Definitely had goosebumps 

Kenilworth Castle 

Tower Bridge, London 

Harrods at Christmas...nothing better! 

beautiful! I love Harrods! 

Nutcracker at the Winter Festival!

Candy buffet at the Winter Festival!

Who says you can't have Thanksgiving in London? It definitely wasn't as good as my family's home-cooked Thanksgiving, but it was better than nothing!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

And Bennett :)

GOLDENDOODLE!!! Couldn't help myself :)

Throwback to Scotland...hiking through the Glen Coe Valley!

Sarah and I enjoying the view from Edinburgh Castle! 

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  1. 1) There's a beach in London?????

    2) Candy buffet = nice! Do they have normal candy or english/tea and crumpets flavored candy?

    3) DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Angie